Buy Carpet Tiles in Chandigarh

buy carpet tiles in chandigarh

Buy Carpet Tiles in Chandigarh, Mohali, Zirakpur and Panchkula

Interior Kraft is a leading shop where you can buy Carpet Tiles in Chandigarh, Mohali, Zirakpur and Panchkula. We deal in all types of carpet tiles and wall to wall carpets at wholesale rates.

Carpet tiles provides all the warmth and comfort and of wall to wall carpets to the floors. Clearly with the added advantage that it absorbs even more structure-borne sound than wall to wall carpets.

Carpet tiles are mostly been used in offices, call centers and corporate establishments.

Why Choose Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles are slabs of carpet in a tile form with PVC or bitumen backing. The carpet tiles are available in different shapes and sizes. Undoubtedly, square shape patterns are more popular among all shapes.

Moreover, the carpet tiles are available in wide variety of patterns and colors. In addition, the carpet tiles are cost effective therefore are cheaper alternative of traditional carpet. Also it maintains the traditional look of a carpeted floor.

Furthermore, carpet tiles can withstand high number of footfalls. Consequently, carpet tiles are the first preference in small and corporate offices when searching for suitable flooring options.

Because of small size, carpet tiles are very easy to install. Most importantly, the carpet tiles are easy to clean using a vacuum cleaner.

Besides, carpet tiles are easy to remove and replace. If any tile gets dirty or damaged it can be replaced without changing the whole floor.

In addition to this, carpet tiles can be installed using mix and match patterns. Using mix and match patterns a unique floor design can be created which gives a new appearance to the floor.

Above all most carpet tiles are eco friendly as they made from recycled material.

INTERIOR KRAFT provides you the best carpet flooring options as per your requirements. Our professional team also assist our clients in measurements and proper installation at the site.

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