Buy Artificial Grass in Chandigarh

buy artificial grass in chandigarh

Buy Artificial Grass in Chandigarh, Mohali, Zirakpur and Panchkula

INTERRIOR KRAFT is a leading shop to buy Artificial Grass in Chandigarh, Mohali, Panchkula and Zirakpur. We are leading supplier of artificial grass and vertical garden at wholesale rates.

Nowadays, artificial grass is latest in trend when looking for landscaping. Clearly, it renders the resemblance of natural grass. Also laying artificial grass saves your time, energy and money compared to natural grass.

Also apart from lawns and balconies, artificial grass can also be used on the walls.

Why Choose Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass is made of UV coated synthetic fibres. As a result it can withstand almost all weather conditions and also handle high traffic.

Artificial grass is easy to install and low in maintenance. Also cleaning and maintenance of the artificial lawn is a very easy process as compared to lawns using natural grass.

Moreover, artificial lawns do not have hassles of trimming, watering the lawns and usages of any pesticides. Therefore, it saves a lot of water and ground pollution. Moreover, it looks just like real grass in appearance.

Besides, artificial grass is more preferred for lawns in place of natural grass in public spaces also. If you’re tired of the time you spend maintaining your lawn, artificial grass relieves you of the time and attention.

Furthermore, using artificial grass is safe for children to play and also for the dogs in the house. Obviously because artificial lawns do not need weed killers, fertilizers and pesticides.

Easy availability, maintenance and durability are main benefits of artificial grass. Also the prices of artificial grass is very competitive because of the increasing demand in India.

INTERIOR KRAFT provides Artificial Grass in 25mm, 35mm and 40mm thickness at wholesale rates. Also we help our clients in measurements and proper installation at your site.

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